Music Video "Verbindung zu Dir" 11/25/2012


The idea for this project came from Timo Heilmann. It is a music video for the song "Verbindung zu Dir" (Relation to you) written by Andi Jung & Baunja Maun. The production was realized by Atrium8.

The two days of shooting were stressful and hard but finally all the scenes were shot. We started shooting on Friday night in a flat in Ludwigshafen which was provided by Ralf Härter. There we filmed the Intro and Outro in the kitchen and in front of the TV. To be able to realize the tracking shots, the company FINGADO provided a dolly with jib-arm. Even though it was late at night when we finished shooting that day we continued our work early the next morning. At first we shot on a country lane which was a huge challenge for all of us as it was one of the hottest days of the year - most of us got sunburned - and the path was potholed. Like that it was very difficult to keep the camera steady shooting out of the car trunk. Late in the afternoon we filmed the scenes in the park and finally those in the basement - once again till late at night.

All in all the shooting was a lot of fun and as it was my first larger project with a HDSLR camera I could gain lots of new experiences.

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  • Klasse Video :-)
    Luisa Reply[ 11/25/2012 - 9:00 PM ]