Musik Video "I'll be right beside you" 06/13/2013


The music video "I'll be right beside you" was a relatively spontaneous project. Ryu Naksuwan came a few weeks ago and asked me to shoot a little video. Finally last week the weather become sunny again, so we searched for a beautiful place at the park in Landau where we got ready for the shoot.

Some footage was shot from a slider - and other shots were made on a tripod, as we had no external monitor to control the sharpness. So we were able to set the focus beforehand, because the camera was not moving anymore.
As the sun had changed greatly during the 2.5 hours of shooting time, I had to adjust a lot in the post-production to bring the colors and lighting conditions to the same level.

The Thai song is about a young teenage girl who is tired and disappointed about her life. But there's a person next to her who wants to show her the good sides of life and that life is valuable. Until they fall in love. This romantic love story about two teenagers, written by Ryu Naksuwan, tries to touch people and makes them think about, if there's also a person in their lives that makes a difference.

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  • Wow! Amazing work!
    Angus Reply[ 6/13/2013 - 7:16 PM ]