Amnesty International Competition 10/06/2011


The Idea for the clip came from a good friend of mine, Till Maier-Lohmann. By accident he found out about a competition hosted by Amnesty International in cooperation with the 'Söhne Mannheims" (German Band) and the German public service broadcaster ARD. The task was to create a 10-second-long video on the topic of "freedom". After finishing the script, Till brought me in to realize the video-shooting. Together we worked on the specific transposition of the pictures.

At the end of September we had the day of shooting in the studio provided by FINGADO. Having rebuilt some stuff for the occasion, we started shooting the "captivity-scene" first which worked out very well. Then, we met the challenges of the "liberation-scene". In order to have a beautiful landscape appearing behind the door - which seemed more like a symbol of freedom to us than the hallways of FINGADO - we used a green screen. We had a tough time with this however, for the green fabric available to us was too small to fill in the door frame completely. To simulate a gush of wind when the door opens, we blew air into the actress's face with a compressor.

The greatest challenge while editing was to not exceed the given length of ten seconds. Therefore, I used time lapse cameras as helping- and stylistic devices. I took the picture for the keying myself and then manually animated it with the camera movement, because tracking was not possible for technical reasons.

As to the color correction I chose a very strong contrast for the beginning, merely adding a slight shade of blue to make the shot look bleak and "captive". When the door opens, friendly colors and light are supposed to convey a feeling of freedom.
The music for the clip was composed and recorded by Till himself.

The clip reached - among hundreds of other contributions - second place. In addition to that, our video was chosen to be used in an advertising spot for Amnesty International Germany.

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  • Sehr coole Idee und geniales Endergebnis. Weiter so!
    Thorsten Dunker Reply[ 10/1/2012 - 10:09 PM ]